Here ! am.

i 'm, not informing it to myself.

So to say, it's a sign to !.

Because, now and here there're just i and !, or only !.

And !, haven't met you.


But someday,

someday you'll be here.

On opening this page, just then,

you shall come out.

eNice to meet youf, ! say.


Nice to meet you.

As i thought !'s eyes were toward
the day after tommorrow,
i turned ! around in a hurry,
but even it might be off the point.

! seem to have no doubt on a happy encounter with you.

! spend time to listen to your story i tell,
with sparkling eyes, thinking over and over.


For the first time,
when did i met ! ?

Was it when i understood that i can never be you,
and i'm just i myself ?

Till then, i hadn't known the existence of !,
and had believed that i can not only see you
as i like but also i can be you.

Now, far from being you,
i'm even doubtful about the possibility of seeing you face to face.

Still, with !'s presence,
i felt that the possibility of meeting you might come up.

May be It was just all in my mind.


without !'s presence,
i can't even come here.

After all,
" i " used here exactly means " ! " .

In any other words,
i myself can never come out.

Therefore here, only when ! am here,
there is the plece only where i can be i myself.

And nowhere else
i can except other than there.

i'm, living with ! all the time.



i can always do nothing but,
entrusting ! to all just after beginning.

Even if so, i'm just i.

i'm not !, nor a variation of you.

As long as ! have a will to see you,
i as a dream will last.

honyaku-kyoryokuFkiyoko hagiwara